The interesting thing about history as a subject is it literally encompasses (by definition) EVERYTHING that's already happened. When you consider the sheer volume of STUFF that has occurred in the world, well, shoot--it's A LOT. History! A bunch of stuff that's already happened! Some of those things are interesting-- and here they are in bite-sized fact form!

That's why history is perfect for a big ol' brain like you dear reader. There's more than enough to fill your vast and cavernous cranium.

We've assembled more than forty historical facts that we know will flabbergast and amaze. 

For example, in world war 1, two enemy captains just decided to well…not fight. We guess that is actually an option. When a British and German captain who had been friends prior to the war encountered one another on Lake Nyasa, the British captain shot once and “captured” the German so they could get back to drinking and hanging like old times.  With enemies like that, who needs friends?

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