30 Bonkers Facts About The Medical World

30 Bonkers Facts About The Medical World

The world of medicine is both horrifying and fascinating at the same time. For example, someone having green blood – that's both incredibly interesting and kinda scary. Today we'll take a look at that and 29 other mind-blowing medical facts: 

TOE THUMB 2011 I'M BB CAN CRACKED.COM When a man in Ireland lost his thumb, doctors transplanted one of his big toes in its place. James Byrne, 29, had severed the thumb when sawing through a piece of wood.


350 COINS 2002 THE NEW ENGLAND JOURNAL CRACKED.COM OF MEDICINE 2004 A 12-pound mass in a French man turned out to be 350 coins he'd eaten over the course of 10 years. They were so heavy that they'd pushed his stomach between his hips.


PREGNANT FOR 60 YEARS 2015 CRACKED.COM A Chilean woman carried a fetus for 60 years. Well, a calcified fetus, not a living one. It caused discomfort but was too risky to remove, so doctors told the 91-year-old to just let it be.


UNBORN TWIN 1999 CRACKED.COM An Indian farmer carried his unborn twin for 36 years. Doctors finally cut into him, expecting a tumor, but what they found had limbs, fingernails, and hair and lived off his blood.


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