We love movies and TV so much that sometimes we forget just how much work the whole mess is - - they make it look just so darn easy, and we eat it up. But we know different. So much time and effort goes into making great pop culture - but often the genesis of those ideas goes unreported or unnoticed. 

Here at Cracked, we don't stand for that. We send our intrepid staff off in all directions to scour the planet for just that kind of information. And they usually deliver, big-time. And we reward them with a trip to Taco Bell, which they mostly love.

Like with the list you're about to read! A lot of pop culture staples have fascinating stories behind their creation. Did you know for example that Harley Quinn was originally intended to just be a one off joke? More on that and 30 other fascinating pop culture origin stories:

Danny Mahealani TEEN WOLF CRACKED.COM This Teen Wolf character's last name, Mahealani, is Hawaiian for full moon. Another Hawaiian television character whose name has a secret meaning: Johnny Tsunami's last name is actually a reference to his love for waves.


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