28 Trivia Tidbits For The Inquisitive

28 Trivia Tidbits For The Inquisitive

One of the most enjoyable (and nerdy) aspects of being a human is amassing a wide range of unexpected knowledge and trivia during our lives. Random, amusing facts can be used to start a conversation, wow a date, or eventually, win bar trivia. Random entertaining facts take us off guard in the best way possible.

The thing is, understanding these little morsels of mind-blowing information is worthwhile even if you don't have a need for them. At a minimum, your jaw will drop as you discover these randomly chosen facts about research, history, cuisine, entertainment, your body, the universe, and more. 

Here is some fantastically strange information that will make you question just about…everything.  Remember these! These decent, random, intriguing trivia bits could come in handy at any time. Here are a few to keep in your back pocket for when the inevitable comes!

So, scroll on sweet stranger, and let us entertain you with these miscellaneous bits of trivia…

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