43 Absurd Statistics About History, Movies, And Everything

43 Absurd Statistics About History, Movies, And Everything

Stats. Numbers. Quantifiable data. Look, we here at Cracked dot com are a bunch of comedy nerds and writers and people who spend too much time thinking about both the Wars and Trek in the Stars. It's not like we passed Algebra or Trigonometry without a lot of help. But the terrifying truth is that numbers govern our lives and the world around us. As much as we'd love to believe that we're free of the universe's calculations, we're forced to confront that it's simply a truth that stats rule everything around us (S.R.E.A.U…we're still figuring it out, give us time). 

All that said, certain things are just brain-breaking things to accept. We're not talking about Snopes-style fact checking or wild stories of The Avengers' Hawkeye playing 18 holes of golf and shooting 18. No, we're talking about how the world is crazy, and while we didn't need a whole bunch of numbers and statistics to prove it…here they are anyway.

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