36 Real Size Comparisons That Blew Our Doors Off

36 Real Size Comparisons That Blew Our Doors Off

Remember having a point of view is a wonderful thing. Sometimes all it takes to know something is to fully compare it to something else. For instance, we are all aware that icebergs are melting. However, few people realize how much the Arctic's appearance has changed in the last few decades.

The measurement is the most important aspect, which makes you say 'wow.' You can't truly recognize something's massive magnitude, but it can be easier if something familiar is placed next to it for comparison. 

We mostly don't realize how big or certain small things in this world are until they are highlighted to us. And this is exactly what we're here for. Here are 36 incredible size comparisons that will astound you:

Cracked has gathered a list of the things that seem bigger than you probably imagined. These 'big' things, from animals to beasts, are honestly freakishly huge! Scroll to the bottom to see for yourself, we know they blew our minds…

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