31 Noodle-Cooking Origin Stories Of Pop Culture Staples

31 Noodle-Cooking Origin Stories Of Pop Culture Staples

There are several iconic and beloved character in popular culture. With the rise of comic book and sci-fi conventions, fans from all over the world can show up to celebrate and dress up as their favorite characters together to geek out on their fandoms. Yet while many super fans know the story origin of their favorite character, many pop culture characters have actually bizarre origins that are no long canon or how they were cooked up by the creator is far less epic than one could think.

Children's cartoon and book star Arthur wouldn't have been made had he'd not start with the letter “A.” The Incredible Hulk wouldn't exist if a mother didn't lift a car. Super Mario almost didn't exist because of Popeye.

Many of your favorite characters were inspired by other creations or were created under forced inspiration. Here is a list of some odd origins of pop culture icons.

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