The fast food industry is pretty straightforward. You get your food… fast. It’s not a concept that requires high knowledge, at least on paper. 

But we’re not talking about paper. We’re talking about food. Food you might ingest multiple times per week depending on your schedule and cravings. Over the years there have been several modern day tall tales and legends regarding fast food eateries that just aren’t true. Or ones that are!

Some of them are fun facts like the true origin of the Arby’s name (and it’s not “American Roast Beef Yes, Sir!”). Others are shocking, like the reason why McDonalds no longer provides spoon-shaped coffee stirrers and why they kept their famous golden arches. There are more secrets in the fast food world greater than KFC’s original herbs and spices.

Let’s learn a bit more about some of the most prolific fast food companies, like a true American.


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