37 Star Wars Facts As Surprising As That One Big Reveal

37 Star Wars Facts As Surprising As That One Big Reveal

Obviously, we here at Cracked love making lists of useless but endlessly interesting facts and information. The pinnacle of both useless facts and interesting facts would no doubt be tidbits about everyone’s favorite space opera, Star Wars. Like, who doesn’t like learning how much power it would take to make a death star work? Or how many stormtroopers it would take to crew the imperial fleet? It’s quite interesting how fascinating we find these facts. Revealing even. And speaking of reveals, Star Wars may have one of the greatest reveals in all of pop culture, but it isn't where the surprises stop. Michael Jackson wanted to be Jar Jar Binks? The Porgs were just a workaround for an island full of birds? Chewbacca has… a lot of hair? Like, even more than we thought. Chewie could be out here making wigs for so many people that need them, but for some reason he’s selfishly hoarding his luxurious locks just so Leia can jab at him.

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