They say that dying is easy but comedy is hard. Frankly, that's one of the truest statements of all time. Getting laughs can be one of the hardest things a performer can attempt to do. Just ask any Cracked writer. Sometimes there are moments in which the sacrifice a comedic actor or filmmaker makes to get a guffaw from an audience can be too great, too big, or too nuts.

Sure, method actors go through psychological hell in order to get a character right for a role, but they probably didn't almost lose a nipple like Steve Carell. Or the bludgeoning poor Jon Heder suffered through while shooting Napoleon Dynamite. Then again, many actors, both serious and comedic, still have to deal with the studio think they're too “fat.”

In any case, there are several behind-the-scenes factoids and hidden Easter eggs within several great film and TV comedies that you probably didn't know or see. Take a gander and show some appreciation toward the craft.

Mandy Patinkin identified with Inigo Montoya CRACKED.COM Patinkin said, I had lost my own father-he died at 53 years old from pancreatic cancer in 1972. I didn't think about it consciously, but I think that there was a part of me that thought, If I get that man in black, my father will come back.


BEHIND-THE-SCENES FACTS The kids recorded at a studio owned by SONIC YOUTH CRACKED.COM We would go from set every day to to rehearse at the Sonic Youth studios, says Весса (Posh Spice) Brown. Black would come along to jam. We felt like rock stars, says Kevin (Spazzy McGee) Clark, pledging allegiance to the band of Mr. Shneebly.


EASTER EGGSTRA REFERENCES & HIDDEN MEANINGS WILDE OIL community In season 2's The Psychology of Letting Go, Britta tries to bring awareness to the Exxon oil spill. ELP HELP THE GULE Oil cans with a Wilde Oil logo can be spotted in W the scene, a WILDEOIL reference to the show Running Wilde, of which the Russo brothers directed the pilot. CRACKED COM

Video clip

BEHIND-THE-SCENES SUPERBAD FACTS Seth Rogen said no effing way to PG-13 CRACKED.COM According to one count, Superbad uses the F word 176 times. Watering it down wasn't an option, even when the studios pressed hard for a cleaner version. We were just like, 'No, says Rogen.

The Ringer

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