Losing Keys Is An Old Person's Game

If you're tired of constantly forgetting your keys, locking yourself out, or just using a system that's literally ancient, you can do something about that.

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Comedies are supposed to be happy fare, but sometimes the creation of a great comedy is the happiest of accidents. Good comedy is an inherently collaborative work—well, stand-up is pretty solo, we suppose. Anyway, sometimes with the funniest movies and TV shows happen through the strangest off-camera circumstances. Weird auditions, well-placed props, club-going twin brothers doing dance-offs…you name it, if it's weird, it's behind your favorite comedy.

It might be hard to imagine It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia without Danny DeVito, but the first season was only Chalie, Mac, Dennis, and Dee. The studio demanded a big name to boost ratings, so they gang asked…the pengiun from Batman Returns? Arnold Scharzenegger's twin? Okay. Anyway, the legendary actor only came on board due to his kids being fans of the show. Not only that, but he basically saved the show from getting canceled. More about that and 28 behind-the-scenes facts about beloved comedies:


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