44 Absurd Lies That Pulled a Fast One On Us

44 Absurd Lies That Pulled a Fast One On Us

Lies! We've all told them at some point in our lives. Don't fib to us, yes you have! Don't make us get out our totally legit, 100% functioning polygraph test. Seriously, guys, we found it from a dude on Craigslist, and it totally works. Like court-of-law and everything.


Anyway, we all have told a lie before. Maybe you're a toddler insisting NO, I'M NOT TIRED before immediately passing out. Maybe you're a student saying the dog ate your homework. Maybe you're a worker faking a cough on the phone with your boss. Maybe you're a retiree saying you totally remember where you put your glasses (we call this the four lifecycles of lies, patent pending). It happens. And let's be clear: lying is bad, and frequently hurts people. But sometimes, they can spiral completely out of control. Like, just totally, mind-bendingly beyond control. Here are some of the wildest ones we could find.

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