Lies! We've all told them at some point in our lives. Don't fib to us, yes you have! Don't make us get out our totally legit, 100% functioning polygraph test. Seriously, guys, we found it from a dude on Craigslist, and it totally works. Like court-of-law and everything.


Anyway, we all have told a lie before. Maybe you're a toddler insisting NO, I'M NOT TIRED before immediately passing out. Maybe you're a student saying the dog ate your homework. Maybe you're a worker faking a cough on the phone with your boss. Maybe you're a retiree saying you totally remember where you put your glasses (we call this the four lifecycles of lies, patent pending). It happens. And let's be clear: lying is bad, and frequently hurts people. But sometimes, they can spiral completely out of control. Like, just totally, mind-bendingly beyond control. Here are some of the wildest ones we could find.

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