32 Easter Eggs Hiding Everywhere We Look

32 Easter Eggs Hiding Everywhere We Look

Video games! Music! Art! What do they have in common? Well, besides all being art forms and mediums of creation, no matter what the late, great Roger Ebert's opinions on Nintendo were. No, what they all have in common is that their creators have all hidden little jokes and nods within them, obviously. What's the fun in going through all the trouble of making something unless you hide stuff no one else knows about that make you giggle privately to yourself? You've spent days, weeks, months, sometimes years designing this specific world. You might as well fill it out and put your own spin on it.

Sometimes you can hear people goofing off in a music studio. Sometimes you find a secret room in a video game. Sometimes you notice a background plot in Community where Abed delivers a baby—that one's a bonus, you're welcome.

Here are some of our favorites:


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