37 Movie Plot Holes We Should Have Noticed The First Time

37 Movie Plot Holes We Should Have Noticed The First Time

In one sentence, summarize the plot of The Chronicles of Narnia. You say, "Child comes out of armoire." True on paper, but let's try it again, this time with The Wizard Of Oz and its plot elements. "A little girl is sent to a bizarre realm where she executes the first individual she sees before joining forces with three others to kill again." It no longer sounds like the ideal family film.

These ridiculously misleading plot summaries are just some ways to indulge in the fun game we like to call "explain a film plot horribly”. No film is immune to these absurdly incorrect descriptions; from Twilight to the Harry Potter trilogy, every film receives its fair share.

The thing is, even plots that are summarized accurately can seem utterly absurd thanks to plot holes you could drive a truck through. And while analyzing these narrative flaws might impact our enjoyment of the films in question, they are sure fun to pick apart.

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