29 Behind-The-Scene Stories From Beloved Comedy Films And Shows

29 Behind-The-Scene Stories From Beloved Comedy Films And Shows

If the age of Judd Apatow shooting enough improv for a franchise large enough to dwarf the Marvel Cinematic Universe, we all know comedies don't just happen. Doesn't matter how chill and easy the actors make it look on screen, making comedies is hard work. Just ask anyone who's ever bombed at your local open mic. Not to mention comedy rarely stands the test of time (remember how people overlooked how creepy Wedding Crashers was for a summer?) But sometimes, sheer dumb luck can strike, and you've got immediate comedy gold.

If you ever think you need a huge amount of money to get a show made in Hollywood just look at It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia. The pilot for the show only cost $100 and it went on to become the longest-running live-action comedy series in American television history. More about that and 28 other behind-the-scenes tidbits from beloved comedy movies and shows:

The story was inspired by the author's daughters CRACKED.COM William Goldman asked his daughters what he should write about and one said a princess and the other said a bride.


BEHIND-THE-SCENES FACTS Nearly all the wardrobe was found at THRIFT STORES VITE CRACKED.COM With a crazy-low budget, wardrobe was largely DIY. Napoleon's signature moon boots were twenty years old and borrowed from Jerusha Hess's Uncle Wally. His glasses were a thrift-store find and the prescription played havoc with Heder's eyes.


Danny DeVito was first choice for Vizzini CRACKED.COM Wallace Shawn tried to do scenes as DeVito would have but found it impossible as he is inimitable.


Scott Adsit is the voice for Big Hero 6's Baymax. VEL WELC Pete's future isn't as bleak as the show implies. BEHIND-THE-SCENES CRACKED.COM



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