There's magic to the silver screen. A good part of that magic is created by things we don't even necessarily SEE as the audience. The work that goes into each shot. The direction, cinematography, the effects. One unsung hero of cinema, however, are the locations themselves. Many movie locations have really surprising facts. We wanted to explore some of them.

For example, the movie ‘the Abyss' wasn't filmed on the ocean floor. It was filmed inside of an unfinished nuclear reactor in South Carolina (really). Frankly, the ocean floor seems potentially safer?  The Malcolm X movie was one of the first films ever to actually be shot inside of Mecca.

Turns out what we see on screen is only half of the magic that goes into movies and television. These true stories about the unbelievable things that happened on the location of some of our most beloved franchises knocked our socks off.

Scroll down for more wild examples!

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