30 Historical Trivia Tidbits That Cooked Our Noodles

30 Historical Trivia Tidbits That Cooked Our Noodles

Growing up in during middle school, high school, and through most of college, history class was also called “nap time.” This man/country started this war on this date and it ended on this date until another man/country started a different war on this date, while this war happened co-currently but involved this man/country and this other man/country and it started on this date. Yawn. Big giant yawn.

But history can actually be interesting if we deeper into how certain historical figures actually lived and knew their personalities. Or if your teacher was actually allowed to talk about the historical happenings that scaled more towards “Rated-R” than “PG and under.” The way Hungarians punished people in the 1500s would have waken you up from your in-class nap real quick!

Okay, enough boring preamble. Let's get some maddening historical facts that will blow you mind and, maybe, keep you from getting a good night's sleep.

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