If you didn’t already know, Loki originally featured a scene in which Loki and Sylvie team up to fight Miss Minutes but unfortunately, it ended up on the cutting room floor. But as always, our favorite behind-the-scenes trivia is the secrecy which surrounds the production of these sorts of shows and films – like, Julia Louis-Dreyfus having to wear a cloak (no dagger though) every time she was on set of The Falcon and the Winter Soldier. And as far as easter eggs and clever references and sneaky winks are concerned, Into the Spiderverse might be the most meta superhero film ever put to screen, with nods to Spiderman merchandise, storylines, Marvel’s multiverse, and even comic art styles. But we’ll stop blathering on now and get more into that and 32 other easter eggs and behind-the-scenes facts about superhero movies and shows – and don’t worry DC fans, it’s not just Marvel on this list.

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