32 Real Facts That Sound Like B.S. (But Aren't)

32 Real Facts That Sound Like B.S. (But Aren't)

We all enjoy a good science fiction film or an epic fantasy tale that transports us to remote planets as well as the cosmos. But the truth is that there's a lot of mind-blowing stuff going on in the world now.

The world is a mysterious and strange place. There are a lot of things that make no sense no matter how hard we try to figure them out with our heads. For example, did you notice that our seas contain around seven hundred MILLION dollars worth of gold?! We bet you didn’t know that the largest peak is not actually Mount Everest? And how about the fact that the largest living organism is not a whale, but a 2.4-mile fungus?

Our planet, Earth, is the closest planet to the sun and the only one known to have an oxygen rich atmosphere, liquid water seas just on the surface and life. 

 Want more facts? We’ve got em’. 32 of them in fact.  Scroll on for more:

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