Saturday Night Live might not be a universal comedy favorite as it once was, but no one can deny the history, legacy, and impact that it left the world of comedy in. Since 1975, the show has launched several careers for comedic actors and writers that branched out to have their own television shows and movies. Just a small sketch show that was on late at night, once per week, that wasn't afraid to push buttons and live on the razor's edge back in the day.

If you thought that the stuff that happened in front of the camera was insane, imagine all of the goings on behind the scenes. Creative differences, fights between cast members, and all sorts of zany antics that aren't ready for prime time. Every big juggernaut started with a series of small beginnings. Small, nutty beginnings.

Here are 35 out-of-this-world facts about SNL that happened when the cameras were off.

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