Cartoons are amazing and a great source of entertainment, young or old. Animation allows the imagination to run wild with little to know limitations. If it can be drawn, it can appear in a cartoon. It also allows actors to perform roles that they would otherwise be unable to play in their physical form. I mean, no matter how much Christopher Walken wants to be a mongoose, he just plain cannot play one in live-action.

While animation is definitely interesting to watch and look at, sometimes an animated movie or television show can be just as interesting behind-the-scenes in real life. They also reveal how and why your favorite cartoon is the way that it is, like why the concept of bending in Avatar: The Last Airbender was created to allow battles and action to skirt around any flesh-on-flesh contact violence that would have been censored for children's TV.

Did you like that fact? We have more details on that and 35 more about the world of animation:


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