We've all had the experience of watching a movie that foreshadows future events. It is indeed usually best when everything is something you can only notice after watching this movie once – it's just like an inside joke you receive to have about the directors and producers, a gratification for resting through the film multiple times. At points in time, it wasn't even that it foreshadowed events in the films, but it's so sophisticated that it takes a few viewings to notice. Those certain times are less delicate but just as entertaining.

It's all too fun to assume that the foreshadowing was noticeable in hindsight – although when you watch the initial stages of this film, it's quite impressive how innocently they try to squeeze in these kinds of direct foreshadowing.

Sometimes a filmmaker can't help but give you a hint at the ending of their work—and sometimes, it's so obvious that you can't help but watch it again. Here are some of our favorite foreshadowing moments from film and television.


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