30 Outlandish Demands Celebs Made Behind-The-Scenes

30 Outlandish Demands Celebs Made Behind-The-Scenes

Sir Paul's backstage area necessitates some very specific greenery. He wants six fresh green floor plants that are "as full just on the bottom as they are on the upper part" and no tree stumps. He also seems to want to be accompanied by a large layout of Casablanca lilies having tons and tons of foliage, a pale white and pink rose arrangement, as well as a freesia flower arrangement. That does seem like an instinctual paradise! Furthermore, he forbids the use of animal products or products that resemble animal products, such as synthesized fur, because of his animal rights values). Vegetables, flower petals, and plants almost sound like a green backstage area!

We're not sure if celebrities have strange demands in their contracts because they're truly spoiled or just want to see what crazy demands they can make. In any case, many of their demands are amusing, and we decided to compile a few for you:

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