30 Hilarious Behind-The-Scenes Stories From Iconic Comedy Movies And Shows

30 Hilarious Behind-The-Scenes Stories From Iconic Comedy Movies And Shows

Comedies are the best, right? You sit down in a movie theater or in front of your TV in order to just forget your troubles and have a good laugh or two. A lot of talented people come together to write, collaborate, improvise, shoot, and edit together a film or show with the goal to make you laugh as hard as you possible can, as often as you possibly can. However, not matter how interesting the movie itself is, there are a lot of great behind-the-scenes stories from your favorite comedy that can be just as funny or as interesting as the comedy itself.

Spinal Tap is a great movie about a fake band that somehow has three real albums. Superbad isn't just a funny teen comedy but also Emma Stone's first film role. Plus, Office Space influenced T.G.I. Friday's business practices.

Learn more about these and other factoids about your favorite comedies:

I ssh OS rootes The writer and the director didn't know that Kristen Bell was in an ACTUAL MOVIE ABOUT SAN TECHNOLOGY THAT KILLS PEOPLE. Bell thought they were making fun of her for starring in the movie, Pulse, FUBUL but Jason Segel and Nick Stoller didn't know what she was talking about. WE HAD NO IDEA THAT SHE HAD DONEA MOVIE THAT HAD THE PREMISE OF A SCE KILLER CELL PHONE. WE JUST THOUGHT IT 0 WASA FUNNY IDEA THAT SEEMED IN LINE WITH ALL THESE JAPANESE HORROR REMAKES. REHIND CRACKED.COM


David Herman is a bona fide heartbreaker. CRACKED.COM Jennifer Aniston said she was madly in love with him when they went to high school together, and Madonna once told Mike Judge There's something sexy about how angry he is.



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