So, yes, scientists sorted the gene sequence of a sea creature. The sea monster was once legendary, but earlier this year, a group of biologists succeeded in sequencing the deep-sea behemoth's genetic material. Our fingers are crossed, but theyare  going to compare the giant squid's DNA to that of its relatively small relatives which will hopefully reveal information about its lifecycle, what and how it is so large in comparison to another crustacean, and how it has adjusted to its dark and deep habitat. Considering that the mysterious squid was only caught on camera three times in the last 14 years, that's a piece of wealthy information.

Times can be tough, and before you consider taking your first tentative steps into the latest technologies, take a few moments to convince yourself that human civilization is capable of actually amazing things and that our universe is still a strange, beautiful, and extremely interesting place. Here are a large number of the year's most interesting discoveries.

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