35 Easter Eggs And Behind-The-Scenes Facts About South Park

35 Easter Eggs And Behind-The-Scenes Facts About South Park

It's a little absurd that two mild-mannered weirdos who once made guerrilla porn all over L.A. have been some of the most influential voices in the past few decades of comedy, but here we are. Living in a world were Matt Stone and Trey Parker exist. South Park changed humor, it changed TV, heck, it even changed the concept of character resurrection. But the real world, they say, is often stranger than fiction. Matt and Tray's animated masterpiece has countless weird noodles squirming around behind the scenes.

Can you imagine the past 18 seasons of South Park without Kyle? No? Well, you might be surprised to learn that the character was almost killed at the end of season 5. Did you Butters is not only a real person, but a producer? Yep. Today we'll learn more about that and other behind-the-scenes facts and easter eggs from the Comedy Central classic: 

BEHIND-THE-SCENES FACTS GEORGE CLOONEY WAS A FAN FROM THE BEGINNING. SOUTH PARK Clooney was such a huge fan of The Spirit of Christmas, the 1995 short that preceded the show, that he made VHS tapes of the short and sent them to his Hollywood friends. He went on to voice Cartman's dog on the show and Dr. Gauche in South Park: Bigger, Longer & Uncut. CRACKED.COM


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