33 Spooky Facts We Maybe Wish We Didn't Know

33 Spooky Facts We Maybe Wish We Didn't Know

Gather round, everybody - it's time to get spooky (Turns on flashlight under chin). We've scoured the ether to bring you a collection of facts that emit a creaky sound heard only by dogs and lovers of horror. The dogs don't appreciate them, as they'd rather do dog stuff, but you, we think you'll totally be down. Maybe don't have a look at the dog park, though. We don't need the whole place running away from their owners in abject terror.

Ok, so they're maybe not THAT horrifying, but they most certainly are spooky. Just how spooky - well, let's just say the light bill is going to be a lot higher for a while.

Ghosts, goblins, and having your consciousness trapped in your own comatose body -- perfect sentiments for Halloween of course, but equally interesting year-round. Here are some spooky facts about the world that we maybe wish that we never learned about in the first place.

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