47 Famous Character Facts That'll Change How You See Them

47 Famous Character Facts That'll Change How You See Them

Some famous characters begin much smaller than what they eventually become. This is especially true in the world of fiction, where authors often start with broad strokes and then fill in the details as the story progresses. For example, the Harry Potter series begins with a simple premise: an orphaned boy attends a school for wizards. However, as the story unfolds, J.K. Rowling introduces a richly-detailed magical world filled with fascinating characters and intricate plotlines. In a similar vein, The Lord of the Rings starts with a relatively small cast of characters and a simple goal (to destroy a magical ring) but expands to encompass an entire fantasy universe. Thus, it is often only after spending some time with a character or series that we come to appreciate its true depth and complexity.

When you think of your favorite movie or book characters, there are probably some pretty interesting things that come to mind. For instance, you might know that Ron Weasley was originally supposed to be killed off in the seventh book of the Harry Potter series or that Draco Malfoy's name is derived from a constellation. But what about lesser-known character facts? Below are interesting tidbits about some of your favorite characters that will change how you see them forever. Enjoy!

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