15 Bizarre Early Names Of Your Favorite Bands

They say necessity is the mother of invention. In the case of these particular bands names, necessity was also accompanied by lawsuits, antisemitism, and a club owner who refused to put “The Sex Maggots” on a show poster.


The Sex Maggots CRACKED.COM When a Connecticut club owner refused to put 'Sex Maggots on a show poster, the dudes in the Goo Goo Dolls had to think fast. Bassist Roby Takac says it was supposed to be temporary, but they got 5.000 fans, and were afraid to change it.

Source: Forbes


The Village Idiots AM MUSICAV CRACKED.COM The dudes in Nickelback were courting criticism before they even had the chance to suck. They eventually changed it to reflect Mike Kroeger's experience working at Starbucks, giving people a nickel back.

Source: Billings Gazette


Mookie Blaylock PJ MC CRACKED.co Before they even had a name picked out, Pearl Jam snagged a spot supporting Alice In Chains on tour. Jeff Ament had just gotten Mookie Blaylock in a deck of NBA player cards, and thought it sounded like a cool band name.

Source: NY Times


On A Friday CRACKED.COM Before they were Radiohead, they were just a few lads who would reserve their high school's band room every friday.

Source: YouTube


Screaming Abdabs GRACKED.COM Before they became Pink Floyd, they named themselves after an obscure bit of British slang that more or less translates to the eeisie-jeebies.

Source: Rolling Stone


Pen Cap Chew CRACKED.COM Better known as Nirvana, Pen Cap Chew was one of their few non-poop-themed options: they also nearly went by Skid Row and Fecal Matter a.k.a. Brown Towel.

Source: Rolling Stone


Kara's Flowers CRACKEDC The band that would become Maroon 5 originally named themselves after one of their groupies. It's unclear how a band that sounded like Fugazi and System of a Down meets Sesame Street ever managed to get a groupie.

Source: Rolling Stone


Radio Activity O F BLUE CRACKED.COM A couple of high school nerds called themselves Radio Activity for a 1989 talent show. As they got more serious, the name went through a few more dorky stages: Black to the Future, The Square Roots, then ultimately just The Roots.

Source: Rolling Stone


The Shrinky Dinks MIYfo 10 CRACKED GOR These dinks started out as a frat party cover band, and named themselves after the popular toy. When they got bigger, Hasbro threatened to sue, SO they changed it to Sugar Ray.

Source: Rock Band Name Origins


The Cranberry Saw Us CRACKED.COM In a world full of hokey zombie media, The Cranberries invented the most irritating way to say the word zombie. Before that, they invented the dumbest way to say the words cranberry sauce: Cranberry Saw-Us.

Source: This Is the Sound: The Best of Alternative Rock


Wicked Lester CRACKED.COM Gene Simmons says that, before they morphed into KISS, his band Wicked Lester was more of a cross between Three Dog Night and the Doobie Brothers.

Source: Ultimate Classic Rock


Sweet Children CRACKED.COM The boys in Green Day decided to change their name before dropping their debut album, SO as not to draw attention to just how young they were. Also, there was another band in their scene called Sweet Baby. Also, that name is objectively dumb.

Source: Green Day: the secret history


Tom and Jerry CRACKED.COM Their label thought Simon & Garfunkel was too ethnic- sounding, SO the two teens from Queens paid homage to their favorite cartoon duo.

Source: Rolling Stone


Rat Salad CRACKED.co This Black Sabbath COVER band initially named itself, unimaginitively, after the Sabbath song Rat Salad. As they got more serious, one David Lee Roth suggested Van Halen, because it sounded kinda like Santana.

Source: Van Halen Rising


Rainbow Butt Monkeys EVEN AVORTE GRACKED.COM If that sounds like a bunch of high schoolers ripping off a Wayne's World quote, that's because Finger Eleven were originally a bunch of high schoolers ripping off Wayne's World (and the Chili Peppers).

Source: Rolling Stone