15 Big-Time Freak-Outs From Sports History

When things get heated on the field, it's important to take a deep breath and count to ten. If you're still feeling a little spicy, then you can start making threats, throwing chairs, and choking out your coach.


Serena Williams threatens asphyxia CRACKED COM At the 2009 US Open, Williams was given a very questionable foul during a very important point. She yelled I'm gonna shove this f*ing ball down your f*ing throat, which the line judge swiftly reported as a death threat.

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The Malice at the Palace CRACKED co In 2004, a late-game fight between players on the Pistons and the Pacers turned into a full-team brawl. That's rare enough in the NBA, but then a fan hucked a beer at Ron Artest, and the carnage spilled into the bleachers.

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An Ohio State coach decks a player's neck S8 CRACKED.COM Near the end of the 1978 Gator Bowl, a Clemson player was tackled out of bounds amidst a crowd of Ohio State players. Coach Hayes, possibly forgetting about all the newfangled TV cameras in the stadium, swung a sneaky roundhouse

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The Bruins team up on a Rangers fan CRACKED COM When a spectator reached over the glass and whapped a Bruins player with a rolled up magazine, the entire team retaliated. They hopped the barrier one by one and beat the tar out of the magazine guy and anyone who came

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Roger Clemens goes vampire hunting 22 CRACKED COR When Mike Piazza's bat broke on a Roger Clemens pitch, a craggy half of the bat tumbled over to the pitcher's mound. Clemens quickly scooped it up and sidearmed it in Piazza's direction. He first claimed that he thought it was the ball,

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Dennis Rodman stomps a camera guy in the nards CRACKED COM When Rodman was bumped out of bounds in a 1997 game against the Timberwolves, he landed on a pile of photographers. In a huff, he heeled the nearest set of nads to his Nikes, a decision that would cost him

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A soccer star dropkicks a heckler CRACKED COM After being ejected from a game, Manchester United's Eric Cantona rather acrobatically launched his entire ass into the stands and dropkicked a dude who had heckled him.

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The Pine Tar Game Re or In 1983, Royals legend George Brett dinged a go-ahead home run late in a game against the Yankees. But when a ref called it back because of an illegal amount of pine tar on the bat, Brett Naruto-charged out of the dugout to

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A fan falls into the penalty box CRACKED.COM In 2001, Flyers fans were pestering notorious ass-kicker Tie Domi in the penalty box, when the glass broke and a dude fell right in. Domi did what Domi does, and said in a post-game interview It's nice to see the fans get

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A tennis pro slices his own forehead open Russian tennis player Mikhail Youzhny was frustrated with his performance in a 2008 match, and decided to give himself a hard reset by bashing his own head repeatedly with his racket. And it worked! He won the match.

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Jim Rome begs for mercy, live on-air CRACKED.COM Rams quarterback Jim Everett caught a lot of flack in 1989 for diving to the ground when he thought he was about to be tackled. But the freakout occurred years later, when Jim Rome repeatedly called him a girl on his radio

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The Seattle snowball fight 92 In 2008, Seattle Seahawks fans started hurling snowballs at the visiting Jets team. The Jets' Shaun Ellis decided to toss something back, but brought out the big guns: he hucked a small boulder-sized chunk of ice at a swarm of hecklers.

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Latrell Sprewell chokes (his coach) CRACKED COM Coach PJ Carlesimo once told Sprewell to put a little mustard on a pass, causing him to utterly lose his sh*t and start dragging his coach by the throat for around 10 seconds. He was escorted to the locker room, but managed to return

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Scottie Pippen hucks a chair P CRACKED COM Pippen was given two consecutive technical fouls for arguing with the refs, and was ejected from the game. On his way out, he grabbed a chair and haphazardly lobbed it, nearly hitting some kids.

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A FIFA banter ends in brutal headbutt CRACKED COM During the 2006 World Cup Final, Italy's Marco Materazzi kept tugging on the jersey of France's Zinedine Zidane. Zidane told him he could have his shirt after the game (nice one!), and Materazzi said he'd rather have his sister (NICE one!!). That

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