13 Historical Comparisons That Have Us Convinced Time Is An Illusion

Within the history of the world, human history is just a little speck. It's hard to get a sense of our place in history when the past seems so long ago and our own lifetime has moved so slowly. So it may be surprising that Tom Hanks and the last surviving person to witness Abraham Lincoln's assassination overlapped. Here are 12 more history comparisons that don't sound correct, despite being true…


CRACKED.COM 1956 The last Tom Hanks surviving was born person to witness Abraham Lincoln's assasination dies

Source: Ford's Theater


CRACKED.COM 5,000 years ago The Stone The Age still-living comes to end Great Basin an bristlecone pine was growing

Source: BBC


1999 CRACKED.COM Eminem's Morse code My Name Is stopped is released being the international maritime standard

Source: LA Times


1971 CRACKED.COM the first women are email is sent granted the right to vote in Switzerland

Source: House of Switzerland and BBC


2006 CRACKED.COM 124 years the year after the Darwin's death of tortoise died Charles Darwin

Source: The Sydney Morning Herald


CRACKED.COM 1913 Harriet Rosa Parks Tubman was born died


1878 CRACKED.COM 13 years Doorknobs after the started assasination becoming of Abraham commonly Lincoln used

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1842 CRACKED.COM Covered The first fax wagons were machine was traveling the invented by Oregon Trail Alexander Bain

Source: BBC


1926 CRACKED.COM Marilyn Queen Monroe was Elizabeth II born was born


O00 CRACKED.COM YEARS AGO the last known estimated evidence of age of the Neanderthals oldest known existing dildo

Source: BBC and HuffPost


2003 CRACKED.COM Crazy In the last Love by widow of Beyonce a Civil War featuring Jay-Z veteran dies is on the top of the charts

Source: NBC News


1769 CRACKED.COM the first car seven years was invented before the Declaration of Independence was signed

Source: Library of Congress


1977 CRACKED.COM Star Wars the last was released person was executed by guillotine in France

Source: WIRED