16 Random Facts To Bulk Up Your Brain Muscles

Yeah, we know. You’re insatiable and never have enough knowledge about completely random stuff. You literally need trivia to function. That’s why we here at Cracked work around the clock to satisfy your intellectual cravings. Here’s your serving for today, you ravenous beast. Bon appétit.


A Star Wars puppeteer was almost fired for pissing off Harrison Ford. According to puppeteer Tim Rose, he cracked a joke in the set of Return of the Jedi about Harrison Ford's demands - -and Ford, overhearing the quip, demanded the insolent jokester to be fired. Luckily, Ford didn't know what

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The Batman Slapping Robin meme comes from a bonkers comic. The panel comes from a 1965 imaginary story where Bruce Wayne thinks his father was killed by Superman, and becomes Batman specifically to hunt him down. And he doesn't just slap Robin - he also wipes his memory.

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Tijuana Bibles were your grandad's Rule 34. There wasn't an internet in the 1930s, but that doesn't mean no one was drawing Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck going at it with each other. Tijuana Bibles were small, crudely- printed NSFW comics, featuring cartoon characters, celebrities, politicians, and the like.

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Rich people don't create as many jobs as credited for. An awful amount of the jobs created go to pre-existing high-income earners. The jobs that do go to working-class people tend to be very precarious, unsustainable after initial funding runs out-and even in the case of success, job creation is

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