16 Wild Shenanigans At The Oscars

Well, it’s that time of year again, where the stars of Hollywood get together to clap for each other and hopefully not give an award to a Nazi. Because that totally happened once. We wish we were joking. Anyway, get your Oscars bingo cards out and read on about some of the WTF moments that have been documented over the years. 


THAT TIME SACHA BARON COHEN DUST BOMBED RYAN SEACREST ON THE RED CARPET. While fully dressed and in character as The Dictator, the actor pretended to have brought the ash of his good friend Kim Jong- il to the 2012 Academy Awards, and while talking to Seacrest, he spilled the

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THE VERY FIRST ACADEMY AWARDS RAN A MERE 15 MINUTES, AND A NAZI WON BEST ACTOR OVER A DOG. Rin Tin Tin was the biggest German Shepherd star in Hollywood, having helped Warner Bros. become a major film studio. During the first award show in 1929, he received the most

7 Tales Of Madness From Behind The Scenes At The Oscars


AL PACINO WAS SO HIGH AT THE 1975 OSCARS THAT JEFF BRIDGES HAD TO TELL HIM WHAT WAS GOING ON. Pacino recalled how after an hour went by, he thought they weren't going to get to his category. When he told Bridges who was sitting next to him (it was



THE KANYE MOMENT AT THE 2010 OSCARS. While accepting the award for Best Documentary Short, producer and director Roger Ross Williams was interrupted by fellow producer Elinor Burkett, who went on with her own speech, causing some awkwardness. Burkett, who was forced off the production but kept her producer credit,

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MINISKIRTS WERE BANNED FROM THE 40TH ACADEMY AWARDS. In 1967, Gregory Peck became the president of the Academy and wanted to restore dignity to the ceremony. Oscar-winning costume designer Edith Head was in charge of coming up with stipulations for the dress code, which included white tie only, no turtlenecks,

Made For Each Other: Fashion and the Academy Awards


THE HURT LOCKER PRODUCER WAS BANNED FROM THE OSCARS FOR EMAILINGACADEMY MEMBERS, ASKING THEM TO VOTE FOR THE MOVIE. Nicolas Chartier not only urged people to vote for his movie, but not a $500 million film, a clear reference to their competition.

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THE 1959 OSCARS THAT ENDED 20 MINUTES EARLY...I BUT STILL HAD TO GO ON. The broadcasters had no idea what to do with the free time, prompting host Jerry Lewis to ad lib and keep the show going. He shushed the band, and announced that they would be doing 300



THE 1974 ACADEMY AWARDS SAW A STREAKER ON STAGE. While actor David Niven was introducing Elizabeth Taylor as the next presenter, photographer and protester Robert Opel streaked across the stage behind him. Much laughter ensued, the band even played a couple of riffs, and Niven quipped: Well, ladies and gentlemen,

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THAT TIME MICHAEL MOORE WAS BOOED OFF THE STAGE FOR HIS ANTI-BUSH SPEECH. While Moore got a standing ovation when Bowling for Columbine was announced as the Best Documentary in 2003, he was ultimately met with hostility from the Hollywood elite when he said that George W. Bush was a



THE 2013 OSCARS OPENING SONG, WE SAW YOUR BOOBS. The Academy actually thought it a good idea to have Seth MacFarlane and the Gay Men's Chorus of Los Angeles sing a song about all the movies in which actresses appeared topless. It was part of a larger gag about what

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