12 Ways To Influence People (Without Speaking)

Sometimes getting people to like you can be achieved just by wearing red. It's that simple because, let's face it, we're just mammals who share an ancestor with chimps. Here are 11 other simple yet scientific ways to influence people. 


Want people to think you're cool? Smile. People are perceived as cooler when smiling rather than wearing an indifferent expression.

Source: Science Daily


Wear the scent of pumpkin to attract men. In one study, the scent of pumpkin (especially combined with lavendar) aroused 40% of the men.

Source: ABC News


Sit up straight to gain confidence. One study shows that people who sat up straight were more confident in their own thoughts.

Source: Science Daily


Pay attention to body language over facial expressions. People are better judges of the emotional state of others when they pay attention to body language rather than faces.

Source: Science Daily


Grow a mustache to make more money. One study found that men with 'staches earned 4.3% more than clean shaven men.

Source: Reuters


To know someone's wealth, pay attention to body language. Research shows people who come from higher socioeconomic backgrounds act less engaged, including fidgeting and doodling.

Source: Science Daily


Be generous to be seen as more attractive. WORS N DONATIONS VOLUNTER People who volunteered were rated as more attractive (by raters who didn't know they were volunteers).

Source: Science Daily


Bulk up to be seen as a leader. One study showed that men with a muscular physique were more likely to be perceived as leaders.

Source: Science Direct


Smile with your eyes to be seen as more authentic. Researchers have shown that our brains see wrinkles around the eyes as indicative of more sincere emotions.

Source: Science Daily


Avoid pausing before answering a question. Research shows pausing before replying to a question can make you appear less sincere and credible.

Source: Science Daily


Wear red to make more tips. In one study, male patrons gave 14 to 26% more to waitresses wearing red.

Source: Science Daily


Tailor your clothes to be perceived more positively. In one study, men with custom suits were perceived as more confident, successful, and flexible than men in off-the-rack suits.