11 Pieces of Deeply Strange News From Small Communities

Turns out, a neighborhood was terrorized for days by a piece of pastry stuck on a tree. Really. Here’s the full story, plus 10 others:


WEIRD WORLD A man got COVID despite spending about $1,200 on a Toronto quarantine hotel. hieralon He spent 1546.56 CAD (about $1,200) on three nights at the hotel after a flight from Pakistan, and left once his airport test came back negative. He then went into home quarantine with his

Source: CP24


WEIRD WORLD The world's biggest rabbit has gone missing. Darius, a continental giant rabbit over 50 inches long, was stolen from his enclosure in Worcestershire, England. A f1,000 reward has been posted for him.

Source: The Guardian


WEIRD WORLD Facebook took down the page of a French municipality because of its name. D662 It's called B*tche, so Facebook's algorithm automatically unpublished the page. The city just came back with a new page called Mairie 57230. CRACKED.COM

Source: FranceBleu


WEIRD WORLD A Singapore man tried to claim he was taking upskirt photos to test his phone's camera. He noticed online upskirt videos varied hugely in quality, and so, his lawyer said, To satisfy his curiosity as to why there was such a variance in the quality of the videos,

Source: StraitsTimes


WEIRD WORLD In Taiwan, a record drought allowed a man to find his lost phone. He had dropped it while paddleboarding in a lake a year ago and when the lake dried up thanks to the biggest drought in 56 years, the phone was found at the bottom, caked with

Source: BBC


WEIRD WORLD An Indonesian guy nearly married the wrong woman because of Google Maps. The groom's family turned up at the wrong house on the day of the wedding, but the hosts welcomed them and offered them drinks anyway. They just realized their mistake at some point during conversation, and

Source: IndianExpress


WEIRD WORLD A croissant terrorized the people of Krakow, Poland. Krakow's animal rescue workers got a call from a woman saying that a scary creature on a tree was frightening people in the neighborhood, and some of them had been too afraid to open their windows for days. It turned

Source: Squeekly


WEIRD WORLD In Ireland, a landlord evicted tenants for growing cannabis, then set up his own operation. He discovered that the people renting his house were using it as a grow house, so he evicted them but, not long after, he was approached and offered 5,000 (almost $6,000), to take

Source: IrishTimes


WEIRD WORLD In New Delhi, two men used trained monkeys to steal money. They got caught after a man reported that three guys carrying monkeys surrounded him and stole 6,000 rupees ($80) from him.

Source: AlArabiya


WEIRD WORLD A fitness studio in Kelowna, Canada, banned people who got a COVID vaccine. FLOW ACADEMY The studio made that ban because of unspecified vaccine-related health concerns- but it then turned out that they were operating without a business license, anyway, and they got fined by the city.

Source: CTV


WEIRD WORLD Billboards targeting Matt Gaetz popped up in Florida. MATT GAETZ WANTS TO DATE YOUR CHILD. They say Matt Gaetz wants to 'date' your child, and they're referencing the sex trafficking investigation being conducted against Gaetz. CRACKED.GOM

Source: The Hill