14 Ways Mr. Show Shaped 21st Century Comedy

No comedy show since Saturday Night Live has been as influential or launched as many careers as Mr. Show.  Here are 14 examples of how Bob and David shaped the future of TV and Internet comedy. 


KEY AND PEELE claim Mr. Show as an influence ES As do writers and performers for the Daily Show, Saturday Night Live, Inside Amy Schumer, Portlandia, Human Giant, and Kroll Show. In other words, pretty much every comedy TV show since 2000.

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TOM KENNY liveS in a pineapple under the sea CRACKED COM The voice of Spongebob was reading to kids in a school and this teacher comes up to me and whispers, I loved you on Mr. Show' almost like, If they ever found out I was watching a show about priests



Bob Odenkirk is a mentor to TIM AND ERIC GRACKEDCOM Odenkirk loved Tim and Eric's early video samples and he agreed to help them develop a show for Adult Swim. A grateful Tim says, it was nice having somebody established like Bob who could call in favors, vouch for you,



PATTON OSWALT got the party started Patton was early in his stand-up career when he got a gig warming up the Mr. Show audience before filming. He also got one of his first IMDB credits as Famous Mortimer (for some reason, credited as Patton Oswald.)

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We have not seen the last of BOB AND DAVID Netflix ran unofficial Mr. Show sequel, W Bob and David, in 2015. And they're not done yet. It's going to be a bigger project, reveals Odenkirk. It's a version of a mockumentary, multipart, that will: be the best thing



ALT-COMICS found a TV home CRAGKEDCO TV viewers got their first chance to see 90s alt-comic scenesters Brian Posehn, Mary Lynn Rajskub, and Paul F. Tompkins. Getting to work with Bob and David was really intimidating, says Tompkins. I wish I could have appreciated it more instead of being sO



Here's to Odenkirk's role in DRUNK HISTORY CRACKEDco Derek Waters managed to get Odenkirk's cell number and Bob ending up directing a Waters web series. All that eventually led to Drunk History. Everything you watch now, says Waters, you can trace back to Mr. Show.



SCOTT AUKERMAN got his first real show-biz job The mind behind Comedy Bang Bang and Between Two Ferns started as a neryous Mr. Show writer. I'm not the type of guy who's funny in the room. I'm the guy who's funny late at night on a computer, trying to



STARBURNS wrote some out-there sketches Hesitant to join the staff after The Dana Carvey Show tanked, Dino Stamatopolous (aka Community's Starburns) penned some of the weirder Mr. Show sketches, including Pre-Taped, Audition' and Jeepers Creepers.



SARAH SILVERMAN kept working with the Mr. Show fam Indomitable Indomltable SPirit SPIrlt Young Sarah showed up in sketches like 'Indomitable Spirit,' about a band with disabilities. I'm Fran and I'm a woman. Her Sarah Silverman Show cast brought over Mr. Show regulars Brian Posehn and Jay Johnston.

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MOVIE DIRECTORS cut their teeth CRACKEDcO Peyton Reed CAnt-Man) and Jonathan Dayton and Valerie Faris (Little Miss Sunshine) got some of their first behind-the-camera experience directing episodes of Mr. Show:



JACK BLACK says his career is all their fault'' In a way, they launched my career, says Black, who appeared in The Joke: The Musical and Jeepers Creepers: Semi-star. Jack and Tenacious D's Kyle were regulars at tapings. Bob and David were the lightning rod.



Classic sketches inspired an ART EXHIBIT Fan favorites like Choo-Choo the Herky Jerky Dancer inspired The Mr. Show Show: An Artistic Tribute to Mr. Show with Bob & David. The art exhibit offered a chance to actually walk through the Altered: State of Druggachusetts.

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ARRESTED had a heavy Mr.ShoMEnt Mr. Show influence Bob Odenkirk showed up as Tobias and Lindsey's marriage counselor for a mini-Mr. Show reunion. And frequent Mr. Show director Troy Miller produced the show's controversial Season 4.