You Can't Fire Them, They Quit! 15 Stars Everyone Forgets Officially Retired

We celebrate a star’s life after they die. We berate them endlessly when they stick around the scene too long. But we rarely take the time to appreciate a star that knows when to call it quits. Here are a few of America's sweethearts who bowed out… more or less gracefully.


Robert Redford He actually has taken a couple small cameo and VO roles since then, but he felt retirement calling after 2018's The Old Man & The Gun: I pretty well concluded that this would be it for me... I've been doing it since I was 21.

Source: People


Cameron Diaz She's been out of the acting game, and committed to the author-and- activist racket, since 2014. She only kinda-s made that official in 2018, when she casually mentioned to EW that she's actually retired.

Source: EW


Shirley Temple The little girl who somehow became famous for having red hair in the black-and-white era ducked out of the biz at the age of 22. She went on to have a pretty impressive political career, scooping up ambassadorships to Ghana and Czechoslovakia.

Source: Smithsonian


Daniel Day-Lewis CRACKED COM We've had false alarms before, but his current retirement, effective since 2017, seems pretty permanent. He released a statement that he will no longer be working as an actor, nor would he make any further comment on this subject.

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Portia de Rossi CRACKED COMI She explained on Ellen in 2018 that she tried to duck out of Arrested Development season 5, and successfully quit Scandal, to focus on her 3D-printed art publishing company. Ellen then raked her over the coals, calling her smart as can be and easy on the

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Gene Hackman WWW NELG T CRACKED Hackman's had a prolific second career as a novelist. He took his last (non-Vo) role in 2006, and finally said in 2008 I haven't held a press conference to announce retirement, but yes, I'm not going to act any longer.

Source: Reuters


Jack Nicholson CRACKED.COM He denies reports that he's bowed out due to memory loss. In fact, according to him, the only thing he's retired from is hitting on chicks, because it doesn't feel right dating women his own age. Cool!

Source: CinemaBlend


Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen CRACKED COM The most famous pizza-eating twins in the world officially tapped out of the biz in 2004. They came tantalizingly close to joining the cast of Fuller House in 2015, but ultimately decided it'd been too long since they'd been on camera.

Source: Sydney Morning Herald


Jack GLEESoN It brings us no joy to report that the GOT fandom... may be toxic. When King Joffrey became the most hated character on television, Gleeson started catching a lot of flack from fans IRL. That probably contributed to his falling out of love with his craft: I

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Sean Connery Connery famously loathed working on The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, saying that idiots now making films in Hollywood drove him to quit. He later had a less bitter take on the whole thing, declining to appear in Crystal Skull because retirement is just too much damned fun.

Source: BBC


Greta Garbo GO GAY WITH GARDOCRACKEDCOM GARRO She was on track to become one of the most prolific and beloved actors in the history of film. But after her 1941 romcom Two-Faced Woman fully bombed, she went on a temporary hiatus that... slowly became quite permanent.

Source: NYTimes


Amanda Bynes To the untrained eye, it looked like Bynes finally lost her cool after years of the unique presures of child stardom. But in fact, it was an active choice to retire: If I don't love something anymore, I stop doing it. I don't love acting anymore, so

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Elton John OO If we're lucky, Elton John isn't truly retired just yet. He promised to hang up his... .piano after a 3-year farewell tour, which was cut short by a bout of pneumonia followed by a global pandemic. As of now, he plans to pick it back up

Source: NPR


Frankie Muniz Muniz has better things to do, like drumming in indie bands and straight-up racing BMWS. We know he's through acting because he once told a trolt on Twitter being retired with $40,000,000 at 19 has not been awful. Good luck with moving out of your mom's house

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Jonathan Taylor Thomas JTT got tired of being a heartthrob, and decided to become a brainthrob instead. He went off to Harvard and Columbia, and hasn't acted since 2015.

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