Once More With Feeling: 15 TV Shows With Mind-Blowing Musical Episodes

Are musical episodes of your favorite TV shows just cynical ratings stunts?  Maybe, but that doesn’t make them any less awesome. Here are 15 shows that weren’t afraid to sing and dance their little hearts out.


Kelly Kapoor showed off her SUBTLE SEXUALITY THE OFFICE CRACKEDcO Kelly got her own web series in which to explore her musical dreams. While Kelly and Erin provide the main Subtle Sexuality vocals, check out the rap interlude by Mr. Understood CAKA Ryan) in the Male Prima Donna webisode.

EW, Vimeo


ABED recruits the gang for holiday Glee COMMUNITY Everyone in the study group hates glee club, but Abed's dogged determination wins them over. Hilarious creepy highlight: Annie convinces Jeff to join by cooing the lyrics Boopy boopy boop doop sex.

Vulture, YouTube


Maybe This Time, it's about STEVIE BUDD SCHITT'S CREEK CRACKED.COM Its time for Moira Rose's production of Cabaret and star Stevie Budd is nowhere to be found. Moira prepares to step in, but Stevie arrives just in time to give the peformance of a lifetime.

Vulture, YouTube


BUFFY slayed it BUFFY With horned demons and vampires singing back-up, Buffy bares her soul in song. Once More With Feeling is often ranked as the top Buffy episode ever, as well as one of the best musical TV show installments of all time.

The Ringer, YouTube


CHARLIE proposes musical matrimony IT'S ALWAYS SUNNY IN PHILADELPHIA CRACKED COM Nobody wanted to be in Charlie's The Nightman cometh musical but they also can't stomach the idea that other people would get the chance. You don't find out until the end, says Day, that this is just a really pathetic

GQ, YouTube


There's surprising musical wizardry in OZ OZ Is there a less likely show for a musical episode? Or a less likely song than disco nugget The Last DuET (originally recorded by Barry Manilow and Lily Tomlin) as rendered by white supremacist J.K. Simmons?

EW, YouTube


BARNEY performs a musical ode to suits HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER 'Girls VS. Suits' is the central dilemma as Barney must decide between a hot bartender and his favorite mode of dress. It's no contest. The coat and tie are the true love of his life.

AV Club, YouTube


MAGICIANS perform Under Pressure THE MAGICIANS ORACKEDCON The Magicians blows out a big musical number every year. The only one that features all of the main cast is Season 3's All That Josh, with an enchanted rendition of the David Bowie/ Queen classic.

Geek Girl Authority YouTube


ARCHIE meets David Lynch meets Heathers RIVERDALE CRACKEDC The Riverdale High gang stages a production of Heathers: The Musical, all in the service of delivering a timeless message: Being a teenager sucks. That said, you can't go wrong when Jughead sings.

Den of Geek, YouTube


Barry and Kara are SUPER FRIENDS FLASH/SUPERGIRL CRACKED COM Vanity Fair calls the crossover episode the best musical episode in TV history. It helps that both the Flash and Supergirl are Glee alums, equipped with singing and dancing chops not found on, say, Grey's Anatomy.

Vanity Fair, YouTube


SINGING SURGERY is an out-of-body experience GREY'S ANATOMY GRACKEDCOM When Callie is in a car accident, she hallucinates a surgical serenade. The Fray's 'How To Save A Life' was a little on the nose, and a critic noted it was weird that the doctors were singing from behind their masks.

Hollywood Reporter, YouTube


ALAN BRADY showed off the staff DICK VAN DKYE SHOW ORAGKED.COM One of the first shows-within-a- show, the 'Alan Brady Presents' Christmas episode allowed the cast to show off their many singing and dancing talents. Fast-forward through Richie Petrie mangling Little Drummer Boy.

MeTV, YouTube


DARIA didn't wake up dead! DARIA CRACKEDCO While some musical episodes feature a song interlude or dream sequence, Daria! The Musical went wall-to-wall song. Cartoons like The Simpsons often went this route, but the one-off nature of this ep made it a Daria standout.

AV Club, YouTube


Call Eric Forman the GANGSTER OF LOVE THAT 70S SHOW The highlight of 'That 70s Musical' episode is the round- the-table group interpretation of Steve Miller's The Joker. Depending on your POV, the singing is painful or painfully amusing.

Stereogum, YouTube


KENNETH is leaving on that midnight train 30 ROCK CRACKED COM Zapped out on coffee, Kenneth prepares to head south in a choreographed musical number. It's completely consistent with the plot, features vocals from C-Span anchors, and gets a kicker from an exhausted Gladys Knight.

Variety, YouTube