15 Shiny Times 'Futurama' Flashed Some Serious Geek Cred

All you need to know about Futurama is that three of its writers have PhDs. OK, you actually need to know a lot more about Futurama than just that, and very probably do -- but the writers being huge nerds goes a long way into explaining all the nerdy jokes and Easter eggs. We here at Cracked fail half the time at changing our phone's background, so we missed all of these. But a general lack of mental acumen rarely stops us from talking about smart people, so here we are to tell you about Futurama's geekiest moments.


FUTURAMA CREATED A NEW MATH THEOREM. Em TE The Prisoner of Benda Not happy with just sneaking in math references, Futurama writer Ken Keeler took it to the next level, and formulated a completely new theorem to solve the plot of an episode. CRACKED COM

Source: The Mary Sue


THE NUMBER 1,729 SHOWS UP A LOT IN FUTURAMA  It isn't just a coincidence. 1,729 is Hardy-Ramanujan's number, the smallest number which can be expressed as the sum of two cubes in two different ways - in this case, 13 + 123 or 93 103.

Source: Gizmodo


THE VERY TITLE OF FUTURAMA IS A NERDY EASTER EGG. Futurama was General Motors' futuristic exhibit in the 1939 New York World's Fair. In that same fair, the public got an early taste of television - a technology largely developed by Philo T. Farnsworth.

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THE MULTIPLEX SURE HAS A LOT OF SCREENS LOEW'S ILEX NOW SHOWING: THE 2007 CLASSIC CHARLIE'S ANGELS IT THE LEGEND OF CHARLIE'S GOLD  ('aleph-null) is the smallest infinite number (yes, some infinite numbers are bigger than others), implying that Loew's Aleph-null-plex has an infinite amount of screens.

Sources: The Infosphere, Wolfram Mathworld


CYGNUSX-7 ISN'T SPACE LAS VEGAS. The prisoner of Benda WHAT HAPPENS IN 1 CYGNUS X-1 STAYS IN CYGNUS X-1 The caption at the start of the episode isn't just a shout-out to the city of vice Cygnus X-1 is a black hole, so it's physically impossible for anything not

Sources: The Infosphere, Astronomy Magazine


THE DUPLA-SHRINKER NAMEDROPS A MATHEMATICAL PARADOX. Benderama The Banach-Tarski paradox states that you can break up a ball into several pieces, and then rearrange the pieces into two identical copies of the original ball (in theory).

Sources: Gizmodo, The Infosphere


THAT MUST BE SOME REALLY STICKY GLUE. The 30% Iron Chef Zoidberg messes around with a bottle of Strong Force Krazy Glue. The strong force is one of the fundamental forces of nature, the one which keeps atomic nuclei together.

Sources: Futurama Wiki, Live Science


BENDER STAYS ALIVE AND IN HIS PRIME. 123 STUDIO Rebirth Bender dances in a place called Studio 122133 the prime factorization of Studio 54. 122'33=1X2X27=54

Sources: The Infosphere, Math is Fun


BENDER HAS THE PROCESSOR OF AN EARLY APPLE COMPUTER. Fry and the Slurm Factory A scan reveals that Bender is powered by a 6502 microprocessor, just like the Apple ll computer from the late '70s.

Source: IEEE Spectrum


WATCH THAT 26-MILE STEP. Into the Wild Green Yonder A sign warns us to mind the Keeler gap, like we're in some British train station. The Keeler gap is a 26-mile- wide gap in the rings of Saturn, caused by Daphnis, one of the planet's

Source: The Infosphere, Universe Today


BEER COMES IN IMPOSSIBLE BOTTLES. E The Route of All Evil Klein's Beer has that name because it comes in a Klein bottle- a shape which has no inside or outside (and can only really exist in a four-dimensional space).

Source: The Infosphere, Wolfram Mathworld


THERE'S AN UNSOLVED MATH ISSUE IN PLANET EXPRESS' CLOSET. Put Your Head on My Shoulders See those cases? P and NP are two different kinds of f computational problems- and mathematicians are trying to figure out if maybe they're the same kind of problem deep down.

Source: Looper


COLLEEN LOVES EVERYONE (AND ALSO MATH). The Beast with a Billion Backs Colleen O'Hallahan is seen wearing a shirt that expresses her all- encompassing love with math symbols: For all x, I love x.

Source: The Infosphere


BENDER BLANCHES AT THE BINARY BEAST. The Honking Bender being terrified of the number 1010011010 is explained by that being 666 in binary.

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A FUTURAMA EASTER EGG ROASTS YOU FOR BEING SUCH A NERD. Fans started right away to decipher signs in alien languages. So one of the DVDs includes an alien message which, when decoded, tells you that “you have no life and are a compulsive nerdlinger.”

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