12 of Dolly Parton's Good Deeds

The rich and famous should give back to the communities that raised them. And no one does quite as well as America's Darling Dolly Parton. Aside from being an outspoken advocate for LGBT+ rights and Black Lives Matter, she also has put her money where her mouth is. Here are 12 of the noble deeds the musical legend has done.


AT A GLANCE DOLLY PARTON Dolly Parton donated $1 million to help with COVID-19 research VANDERBI EALTH VANDERIET Parton's donation to Vanderbilt University helped to develop the Moderna vaccine.

Source: NPR


AT A GLANCE DOLLY PARTON Dolly Parton saved her nine-year-old co-star from an oncoming car. In 2020, while on the set of Dolly Parton's Christmas: on the Square, Parton pulled her. child co-star Talia Hill away from a moving car. CRACKED COM

Source: NBC


AT A GLANCE DOLLY PARTON Dolly Parton refused to have a statue erected of her Tennessee had a bill to commission a statue of Parton, but Parton released a statement saying that I don't think putting me on a pedestal is appropriate at this time. CRACKED COM

Source: The New York Times


AT A GLANCE DOLLY PARTON She gave $1 million to the Monroe Carell Jr. Children's Hospital In 2017, she gave a donation to the hospital that treated her niece for leukemia.. CRACKED COM

Source: Billboard


AT A GLANCE DOLLY PARTON Dolly Parton created the My People Fund. ACM AWARDS SACM The Dollywood Foundation administered more than $8 million in monthly. checks to 875 families who lost their homes during the Gaitlinburg wildfires.

Source: Knox News


AT A GLANCE DOLLY PARTON She founded the Mountain Tough Recovery Team. Movieguide MOVE yiequide. OOROO Movieguio The foundation was started to assist families affected by wildfire around Gatlinburg in 2016 but currently provides resources about COVID-19. CRACKED COM

Source: WVLT


AT A GLANCE DOLLY PARTON She hosted a benefit concert for a new hospital in her hometown In 2007, she raised $1 million for a new .cancer and hospital center. The hospital, which opened in 2010, includes a Dolly Parton Center for Women's Services: CRACKED COM

Source: Billboard


AT A GLANCE DOLLY PARTON The Dolly Parton Scholarship is given to five high schoolers a year. Established in 2000, the award provides 5 students from Parton's hometown $15,000 to pursue a college education. CRACKED COM

Source: Imagination Library


AT A GLANCE DOLLY PARTON She founded the Eagle Mountain Sanctuary. In 1991; Dollywood opened an aviary house for the largest conservation of non-releasable:: bald eagles. The birds are under the care of the American: Eagle Foundation. CRACKED COM

Source: Dollywood


AT A GLANCE DOLLY PARTON Dolly Parton developed the Buddy Program. In the early 1990s, Parton promised $500 of her own money to every seventh and eighth grader in Sevier County who graduated. This reduced the drop-out rate by 29%.

Source: The Dollywood Foundation


AT A GLANCE DOLLY PARTON Dolly Parton started the Imagination Library in 1995. The library gives over one million free books per month to children from birth to age five. It originally gave away a monthly book to all children in her. home county but now has programs around the

Source: Imagination Library


AT A GLANCE DOLLY PARTON She founded The Dollywood Foundation in 1988. After launching Dollywood, she start a non-profit to help provide scholarships for children in local high schools. CRACKED COM

Source: Dolly Parton