15 Weird Celebrity Connections You Probably Never Knew About

If we told you Robin Williams and Christopher Reeve were basically bros, you’d probably ask “How?” or “What?” or “Is that the plot for a sequel to Twins?” Here are all the details, plus 14 more stories:


Cameron Diaz used to buy pot from Snoop Dogg in high school. They went to Long Beach Polytechnic High school, and he was a year ahead of her. I remember him, he was very tall and skinny. He wore lots of ponytails.

Source: US Magazine


Fred Rogers grew up with golfing legend Arnold Palmer. They both took golfing lessons from Palmer's dad, Deacon, and went to Latrobe High School (they were a year apart, though). CRACKED COM

Source: Golf Digest


Elliot Page and Drake were in the same Toronto high school. GAS Page even hit up Drake on Twitter about it, saying Hey Drake remember when we read Joycecaroloates'l Black Water in Dirk's class. Good times. What have you been up to since high school? CRACKED COM

Source: The Daily Beast, Twitter


Biggie, Jay-z and Busta Rhymes all went to the same high school. The school was Brooklyn's Westinghouse Career and Technical Education High school, and Jay Z and Busta Rhymes even had rap battles against each other back then. CRACKED COM

Source: The Urban Daily


Adele and Jessie J were classmates in London. They both went to the BRIT performing arts school and even ate lunch together. When you're at college you're just trying to get your grades but we used to sing at lunchtime together, which was really surreal thinking about it now, said

Source: CheatSheet


Andy Samberg and Chelsea Peretti were in middle school together. Peretti had a crush on Samberg, and she'd sometimes call his house and then hang up. CRACKED COM

Source: Elle, YouTube


Dallas Cowboys head coach Jimmy Johnson went to high school with Janis Joplin. She wasn't real fond of the jocks because we kind of teased her, he said. I actually gave her a nickname, 'Beat Weeds.

Source: The Sports Seer


Coretta Scott King babysat John Lithgow. He first saw her as an adult in 1974, when he did a Broadway comedy, and she reminded him that she was his babysitterc until then, he hadn't realized who the Coretta from his childhood really was.

Source: AARP


Jennifer Aniston has known Adam Sandler since they were teens. Aniston dated a friend of Sandler's, and happened to meet Sandler at a deli while hanging out. They've been friends since. CRACKED COM

Source: HuffPost


Ennio Morricone and Sergio Leone knew each other as kids. We weren't friends, we were schoolmates. I mean, we were seven years old so we were playing together, but you can't call that a friendship, said Morricone. CRACKED COM

Source: BBC


John Krasinski and B.J. Novak grew up together. CO US H They met playing Little League in Newton, Massachusetts, and Novak actually kind of started Krasinski's careerc Novak asked him to act in his play and talked him into becoming an actor. CRACKED COM

Source: WUSA9


Michael Bolton used to babysit Paula Abdul. When he was a teenager, Bolton and his girlfriend were friends with Paula Abdul's older sister, and he'd keep an eye on Paula on occasion. He wasn't the best at it, thoughc- most of the time, he'd be off jamming with the musicians

Source: ABC


Robin Williams and Christopherl Reeve went to Juilliard together and became lifelong best friends. They were roommates at Juilliard, and they clicked right away because they were total opposites, Reeve says. He used to be the studly studly of all studlies, and I was the little fool ferret boy, according

Source: Biography.com


Matt LeBlanc and Louis C.K. went to Newton North High School (in Massachusetts) together. LeBlanc's yearbook quote is Remembers hockey; hates English, and Louis c.K.'s is Will always remember how stupid the Newton School system was. CRACKED COM

Source: Boston Globe


Wayne Gretzky was Robin Thicke's babysitter. Gretzky was friends with Robin's dad Alan, so he helped him out with babysittingc and he was babysitting Robin when he found out he'd been traded to the LA Kings. CRACKED COM

Source: CBS