14 Celebrities You Didn’t Know Played (Animated) Superheroes

We all know who stars in the Justice League and Avengers movies.  But you may not have realized that these 14 Hollywood superstars get their powers on by providing the voices for DC and Marvel’s animated finest.


JOHN MULANEY is ready for his spinoff Mulaney jokingly (?) says a standalone Spider-Ham film should focus on Peter Porker's day job as a photojournalist. This would be more like 'The Post' or 'All The President's Men' or 'Spotlight,' but we'd make it family friendly. Lots of bacon jokes.



ROSARIO DAWSON is a six-time Amazon princess CRACKED.COM Dawson's favorite part about playing Wonder Woman? She's got that thing that all of us wish to have ... where yoU can extend that olive branch and ... having incredible heart .. but also having the ability to back it up with strength. She is

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RAINN WILSON says he'd make a lousy superhero CRACKEDOON Look, I'm an offbeat guy, I wouldn't know how to play a regular, Well- meaning, do-good sort of hero, says Wilson. While his favorite onscreen Lex Luthor was Gene Hackman, Wilson brought his own spin. I wanted to have fun and

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REBECCA ROMIJN was married to Superman Her Lois Lane was in love with the Man of Steel, voiced by real-life husband Jerry O'Connell. My face felt hot, my eyes welled up with tears, it was so exciting, says Romijn about playing the iconic reporter.

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NORMAN REEDUS has a Punisher rival AD CRACKED COM Reedus VOiced the Punisher in an Iron Man animated movie, but his Walking Dead costar Jon Berenthal says his Punisher (from Daredevil) would kick the Reedus version's ass. I love that dude with everything I got. But his Punisher couldn't touch my



SEAN ASTIN knows the magic word When he's not playing hobbits, Goonies, or getting killed by Demodogs, Astin voiced both Billy Batson and Shazam on Justice League Action. He reprised the role in Lego DC: Shazam! Magic and Monsters.

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MARK HAMILL is practically canon From video games to multiple animated series, Hamill has been voicing the Joker for nearly 30 dang years now. No other Joker actor comes close. He based his distinctive Joker voice on Claude Rains in 1933's The Invisible Man.

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KATHRYN HAHN was not Agatha all along While she made a splash in this year's Wanda Vision, Hahn's first foray into the MCU was playing Dr. Octavia Octavious in Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse Could she return? I would love to. I'm so proud of that thing.

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MILANAVAYNTRUB almost played a live Squirrel Girl MIXED NUTS NUTs CRACKEDGONN Marvel canceled plans for a live- action New Warriors with Milana cast as Squirrel Girl (who she voiced in animation). There are times in the comics where Doreen Green summons hundreds of thousands of squirrels, she said. I would



NICCAGE based Spider-Man Noir on Bogie, see? It's like this, sweetheart. He's really Peter Parker from the '30s. I tried to channel those noir films, says Cage. The over-the-top actor tried to have those kinds of sounds that [Bogart] might make with Cagney or Edward G. Robinson, that kind

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MORENA BACCARIN made the Canary sing CRACKED.COM Before the Brazillian-born actress played Deadpool's girlfriend, she voiced Black Canary on Justice League Unlimited. You can also hear her as the artificial intelligence Gideon on the CW's The Flash and Talia al Ghul in multiple Batman animated adventures.

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LILY TOMLIN swung a slugger as Aunt May CRACKEDcO This isn't your 1960s comic book Aunt May. This lady can lay down the lumber, whether it's to thwart a home intruder or a cadre of super-villains intent on taking out all the Spider-Men in the multiverse.



NATHAN FILLIAN made his DC debut as Vigilante GRACKEDCOM But he's got more DC roles on the way. This summer, you'll have to hand it to him as Arm-Fall-Off Boy ...er, the Detachment Kid in James Gunn's The Suicide Squad.

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Oh goodness, it's EDASNER Ed Asner as Darkseid's trusted henchwoman Granny Goodness? I don't think I have played any other female characters before, Asner says. But if I did, she'd have more balls than any of them. He's voiced Granny six times and counting.

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