14 Strange Gifts Celebs Gave Other Celebs

It's the age-old question: what to get the person who has everything? If you're a celebrity, you're going to give them something absolutely ridiculous. 


A Private Jet ING For Father's Day, Beyonce supposedly gifted a $40 million Bombardier Challenger 850 Learjet to Jay-Z.

Source: Yahoo


Toddler Rings Kylie Jenner gave her one-year-old daughter Stormi Webster a baby-sized diamond ring for Christmas.

Source: The Cut


A Hologram of Dad For her 40th birthday, Kanye surprised Kim Kardashian with a hologram of her father, who passed seven years prior. CRACKED.COM

Source: BBC


Diamond C*ck Rings WLG Eminem gave EIton John a pair of diamond-encrusted sex toys as a wedding gift.

Source: Independent


A Trip to Space Katy Perry gave her then-fiance Russell Brand a $200,000 ticket on a commercial space line.

Source: MTV


A Vial of Blood Angelina Jolie and Billy Bob Thornton famously gave each other lockets with each other's blood.

Source: E


A Blow Dolphin Rihanna was given an original Jeff Koons piece, a life-size inflatable dolphin for Christmas by Ciarra Pardo.

Source: Complex


The Staples Center B Justin Bieber rented out the Staples Center for a private viewing of Titanic for his then-girlfriend Selena Gomez.

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A Hollow Cheese Wheel er For Christmas, John Legend gifted Chrissy Teigen hollowed-out cheese wheel to use as a pasta serving dish. CRACKED.COM

Source: People


A Penis-Shaped Plant For her 22nd birthday, Chelsea Handler gave Miley Cyrus a phallic plant.

Source: MTV


10, OOO Bees As a wedding gift, Samuel L. Jackson gave Scarlett Johansson and Ryan Reynolds bees with a pair of beekeeping suits. CRACKED.COM

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$1.8 Million Sex Toy It was rumored David Beckham bought his wife Victoria Beckham a platinum sex toy encrusted with diamonds after their third son was born.

Source: LA Times


A Bag of Vomit Lady Gaga was So nervous on her first day of American Horror Story, she threw up in a plastic bag and gave it to show creator Ryan Murphy. CRACKED.COM

Source: Vulture


A Butt-Shaped Cake Fergie sent Alanis Morissette a cake in the shape of a butt because she enjoyed Morissette's cover of 'My Humps SO much. CRACKED.COM

Source: NPR