12 Pieces Of Bonkers Local News You Might Have Missed

Mullets are many things, but you might not have considered them “untidy” or “unconventional.” That’s what Trinity College, Perth, calls them, though, which was grounds for banning them altogether. Here’s the full story, plus 11 others:


WEIRD WORLD A guy is walking around an English village dressed up as a plague doctor. 000000000. He hasn't committed any crimes, but the police are conducting patrols in Flackwell Heath anyway to put the residents at ease. CRACKED.COM

Source: Bucks Free Press


WEIRD WORLD A pilot flying over San Francisco went on a rant against the city without knowing his mic was on. He said, F-k this place, goddamn liberal f-ks. F-king weirdos, probably driving around in f-king Hyundais, f-king roads and s-t that go slow as f-k. You don't have balls

Source: SFGate


WEIRD WORLD In Bozeman, Montana, a guy rode his horse into a gas station. BRPe Be The station said he can come back, but only if he leaves his horse outside, and added that customers leaving their horse outside is mandatory from now on.

Source: KHQ


WEIRD WORLD Apparently, two NYC mortuary workers racked up big credit card debts for dead people. The feds accused them of buying a total of about $20,000 worth of stuff, including plane tickets to Florida, using credit cards taken from dead people (and at least three credits cards stolen from

Source: The Daily Beast


WEIRD WORLD A school in Perth, Australia, banned mullets. Perth's Trinity College, an elite private school for boys, called the mullet untidy, non-conventional and not acceptable at Trinity College.' CRACKED.COM

Source: News.com.au


WEIRD WORLD A man in New York state drove to a court appearance in a stolen car. Mark S. Cooper, a suspect in several larceny cases, stole a car in Rensselaer, NY, then drove in it to Troy, NY for his appearance in Troy City Court. Troy police quickly caught

Source: News10


WEIRD WORLD In Crawley, England, a fitness instructor with an allergy to sweat won a legal victory over the gym that tried to fire her. Due to her Generalized Anxiety Disorder, Ali Burton can't pick up or handle sweaty gym towels, and got fired for that by Nuffield Health- but the

Source: SussexLive


WEIRD WORLD A West Virginia dude went to the police station to get his lost wallet (which had drugs). 78 6 72 5-6 66 5 And the truck he drove to the station with also had drugs . so he was arrested. CRACKED.COM

Source: WSAZ


WEIRD WORLD In Michigan, a burglar demanded a guy's cats at gunpoint. The burglar woke him up around 4 AM and, at gunpoint, asked for his two cats. He only took one cat, and was soon found by the police. CRACKED.COM

Source: MLive


WEIRD WORLD A guy in Lincoln, Nebraska, drove someone to the hospital in a -loader's bucket. Jordan Evans showed up at the hospital, driving the front-loader while drunk, and had the bad luck to run into police there. The man in the bucket was injured, though, and at least he

Source: Journal Star


WEIRD WORLD A Florida woman who hit two people with her car said she was trying to run over another person. Phedeline St. Felix hit a grandmother and her grandson, but she was actually trying to hit a woman she'd been arguing with at a park. CRACKED.COM

Source: ClickOrlando


WEIRD WORLD A New Mexico guy found 15, .000 bees in his car after leaving it for 10 minutes. Aubentsous He went to buy groceries, and only noticed the gigantic bee swarm when he got back in the car and started driving away.

Source: The Guardian