15 Behind-The-Scenes Facts About 'Alien 3'

If you think we were done covering the Alien movies here and here, think again! We can't remember doing anything else anymore! So here are some gnarly behind-the-scene facts about Alien 3, the one where everyone dies! Good stuff!


Alien3 (1992) Sigourney Weaver insisted they kill off Ripley. Weaver said that when she heard about the studio's plan to do Alien VS. Predator it depressed her, and she wanted out. She claims that it's the same reason Ridley Scott didn't return for Alien 3. CRACKED COM



Alien3 (1992) Ridley Scott visited the set, much to the delight of fanboy David Fincher. The two shared a moment of mutual grievance. Ridley asked how it was going and I said 'Really bad' and he said, 'lt never goes well, this is not the way to make movies, make

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Alien3.(1992) I The famous scene that spawned a meme was done with just the Xenomorph's head. Tom Woodruff Jr., who played the creature in a suit, said that while filming the scene he struggled to keep his distance from Weaver because he could only see out from the neck of



Alien3 (1992) Fincher never wanted the Alien to come out of Ripley in the end. He was forced to reshoot the scene after Terminator 2 came out with a similar ending. I never felt it was necessary to show the creature. I was very much against this and dragged my

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Alien3 (1992) The final ending was shot four days before the premiere. As much as he tried, Fincher wasn't happy with it. I said 'whatever happens she has to be in peace at the end.' It has to be a sigh rather than gritting teeth and sweat. So we talked

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Alien3 (1992) Sets were being built even before the script was finalized. Said producer Jon Landau: The movie got greenlit based on a whole different version of the script. And David had to deal with that in a very short period of time. He had to design the alien, design



Alien3 (1992) Director David Fincher clashed with producers, thanks to his on-set perfectionism and the studio's constant meddling. Fincher insisted on shooting in certain light and weather conditions exclusively, and rebelled against the studio's rushed schedule by saying they should shoot a large number of takes of a head exploding.



Alien3 (1992) Renny Harlin was originally going to direct the third installment. After seeing his work on A Nightmare on Elm Street 4: The Dream Master, Harlin was brought on to direct an Alien movie that would've seen Ripley travel to the Alien home planet. The concept was deemed too

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Alien3 11992) Golic's character was severely cut from the moving thanks to a test screening. In the original cut, Golic (played by Paul McGann) released the beast after it was captured by the inmates. What happened was a test screening audience of 18-year-old kids in Long Beach, California decided that

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Alien3 (1992) Writer Vincent Ward proposed a planet-size wooden spaceship occupied by monks as the main location for the movie. 05nn Ward wrote a number of scripts, hired illustrators, and even built some of the sets, but the producers couldn't grasp how a wooden structure would be able to hold

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Alien3 (1992) At one point, Corporal Dwayne Hicks was going to be the main protagonist. Cyberpunk author Willian Gibson wrote a script that saw Michael Biehn's Hicks taking center stage to fight off the Aliens. The producers wanted too many rewrites, and Gibson quit, but his original script was adapted

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Alien3 (1992) The Runner Xenomorph was both man and puppet. The Dog Alien was brought to life combining a man in a suit (Tom Woodruff Jr.) and a rod puppet filmed with a bluescreen.

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Alien3 (1992) Fincher, in a rare interview discussing the movie, compared the idea behind it to The Bridge on the River Kwais The first thing that we decided was that the alien wasn't going to be the main focus. It's like The Bridge on the River Kwai. The bridge is

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CD Alien3 (1992) THE FILM SCORE 1. 20th Century Fox Trademark (Alien Version) Main Title 4:53 1 2. Status Reports 2:59 3. The Survivor Is a Woman 1:59 4. The Wreckage 2:08 5. Lullaby Elegy (Extended Version) 5.28 6. The Cremation 4:04 7. Chow Down With the Boys 2:28 8.



Alien3 1992) Ripley's sacrifice in the end was originally going to be more nuanced and have a considerable build-up. Fincher explained: The end sequence when Bishop comes and presents his case. I always wanted it to play like she listens to him and she's really tempted by it. Originally that

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