14 Children's Authors Who Were Way Weirder, Darker, Or More Problematic Than We Knew

Don't worry: Beverly Cleary remains, as far as we can tell, an absolute saint.


Lewis Carroll TK Q-e e Heacts ahe male Se tarts At Summmer day: The Kerr of Hrarls a sate those arta, Ae tok tkem gaile 4 Now F h EVEERE ed the Kind Han the Sentene Ne ard the CEE, Hst th SEnTIE. thea eileee Nesenat Ali leudly

Source: The Alice Behind Wonderland


Lemony Snicket of Unfortunate E Eveats Scrics CRACKED COM Daniel Handler made some, just, completely dogsh*t racist jokes when he hosted the 2014 National Book Awards. He quickly apologized and donated $110,000 to the We Need Diverse Books campaign.

Source: C-SPAN


Shel Silverstein Th Giving Tree gd Saller This dude, in a word, f*cked. He was good friends with Hugh Hefner, illustrated for Playboy, and wrote songs for Johnny Cash.

Source: MentalFloss


Roald Dahl CHARLiR ANDTHE: CHOCOLTE ACTORY nY Roald Dahl HIlusaned exple thllse CRACKEDOON It's somewhat well-known that Dahl was a British spy and a big-time extramarital star-f*er. Fine, he was a dorky James Bond. But did you know he was also a prolific anti-semite? Here he is justifying the Holocaust:

Source: Independent


J.M. Barrie PETER AND WENDY m JM-BARRIE ILLNSTRATYD 40 yD BEDYORD The Peter Pan author straight-up kidnapped the Lost Boys. He based the Boys on the five children of his friend Sylvia. When she passed, she requested, in writing, that her friend Jenny take care of the kids. Barrie

Source: Telegraph


Herge For a guy who's known for his clean illustrations and well-researched plots, he sure hid a lot of dirty, despicable sh*t in his Tintin comics. His early work was chock full of racism, animal cruelty, and straight-up fascism, all of which he sort-of apologized for as a transgression

Source: BBC


Forrest Carter The Education ATREESTORY of BY FORREST CARTER Little Tree His famous story about growing up with Cherokee grandparents was thought to be autobiographical for a long time. But nope! It turns out Forrest Carter' was really Asa Earl Carter, a former leader of the violent Alabama KKK.

Source: NYTimes


Kenneth Grahame THE WIND IN THE WILLOWS CRACKEDcO This guy looks boring on paper: he never slept around, and his big vice was... going on walks. But his home life was weird as hell: he only changed his underwear once a year simultaneously manipulated and overindulged his wife's darkest tendencies, and

Source: Telegraph


Maurice Sendak WHERE THE WILD THINGS ARE Sendak had a weird relationship with the very concept of childhood. His own was stunted by the Holocaust, and he always said he had no interest in raising a child of his own. For better or worse, he always kept it real


William Mayne LadyMuck A Grass Rope CRACKEDcO This guy was a superstar in the British children's book scene. And, much like his TV counterpart Jimmy Savile, he used his stardom to cover up some monstrous crimes. He was known to get weirded out around adults, but it turned out he

Source: The Guardian


Margaret Wise Brown GOODNIGHT MOON by Margaret Wise Brown Pictures by Clement Hurd Harper 180 CRACKED & Brothers. Established She straight-up did not like kids. Or bunnies, for that matter. A reporter once asked her how she could hunt rabbits, despite writing stories about them, and she responded Well, I


Hans Christian Andersen CRACKEDCO When he wasn't writing all-time classic fairy tales like The Little Mermaid, Hans was keeping a detailed, and by all accounts optimistic journal of his prolific masturbation hobby. He'd invite company over, then run upstairs to rub one out. Or he'd go talk to a prostitute,

Source: The Guardian


Hugh Lofting THE VOYAGES OF DOCTOR DOLITTLE HUCH LOFTINC The original Doctor Dolittle story included a subplot about Prince Bumpo, an African noble whom the good Doctor graciously bleaches white SO he can marry a princess.


Doctor Seuss THE CAT IN THE HAT CRACKEDcO Where to even begin with this guy? He cheated on his terminally ill wife, very likely driving her to suicide. When he married his mistress, he made her ship off her two kids, because, oh yeah - he hated children. His cynical take

Source: NYTimes