First Episode/Last Episode: 13 TV Shows that Overstayed Their Welcome

The problem with popular TV series is that networks squeeze out unnecessary seasons long after the magic dies.  Here are 13 shows that stayed at the party too long, including three still hanging around after everyone else has gone to bed.


THE OFFICE should have left with Steve Carrell WORLD'S BEST BOSS CRACKED.COM FIRST EPISODE LAST EPISODE From to Andy Bernard to Deangelo Vickers to Robert California, the Scranton regional manager revolving door signified a show that had lost its way. Maybe Dwight should have had the job from the get-go?

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FRIENDS ran out of hookup combinations CRACKED.COM FIRST EPISODE LAST EPISODE One calculation determined that the Friends had 85 sexual partners over the course of the show. When Rachel started making out with Joey, it was probably time to call it a day.



THAT 70S SHOW actors knew it was time CRACKED.COM FIRST EPISODE LAST EPISODE When a show about teenagers in a basement runs eight seasons, you know the clock is ticking. When Topher Grace and Ashton Kutcher had the good sense to move on, the series had no choice but to

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THE SIMPSONS will be airing long after you're dead -CRAGKED COM FIRST EPISODE LAST EPISODE The fact that The Simpsons can still occasionally hit one out of the park just makes it sadder for all the times it doesn't. Still a contender for the GOAT.

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MODERN FAMILY may have been the last huge sitcom FIRST EPISODE LAST EPISODE The show faded so far from the zeitgeist that it's hard to believe it's still on the air. But it ran for 250 episodes, determined to lose every drop of good will it earned during its

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FAMILY GUY should have ended after Season 7 CRACKEDCO FIRST EPISODE LAST EPISODE At least, that's what series creator Seth Macfarlane thinks. I talk to the fans and in a way I'm ... secretly hoping for them to say we're done with it. There are plenty of people who say the

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GREY'S ANATOMY continues to defy death FIRST EPISODE LAST EPISODE It's been years since Grey's was a water-cooler show, but it promises to chug along as long as Ellen Pompeo keeps signing new deals. Her contract is up at the end of the season...

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SMALLVILLE leaned into 'no flights, no tights' CRACKED co FIRST EPISODE LAST EPISODE The idea to make a show about pre-cape Superman was a good one! But ten seasons of star Tom Welling getting ready to be the Man of Steel was probably five sesons too much training. Poor dude was

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SCRUBS spent its last seasons on life support Cityty CRACKED.COM FIRST EPISODE LAST EPISODE Do you remember when Courtney Cox joined the cast as Chief of Medicine Taylor Maddox? Yeah, we weren't watching at that point either.

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TWO AND A HALF MEN ran out of tiger blood MEN TWO adatef MEN WO and a half CRACKED.COM FIRST EPISODE LAST EPISODE To be fair, Men was running low on juice before losing Charlie Sheen's Adonis DNA. Squeezing out another four seasons (and losing half-man Jake along the way)

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SCANDAL went from political drama to WTF CRACKEDCO FIRST EPISODE LAST EPISODE On Scandal, you either became a murderer or you died. By the end of the show's increasingly nutty run, there's a good chance you had done both.



BIG BANG THEORY ended with a whimper CRACKEDc COM FIRST EPISODE LAST EPISODE A show that celebrated nerd culture threw out words like Tardis and Thundercats as if it had no idea what they meant. It's likely the most popular show that was hated by the people it was supposed



24 had a bad day, again and again CRACKED.COM FIRST EPISODE LAST EPISODE The show's 24-hour gimmick made it special. But it was a formula destined to get funky the more times it was repeated. How many times can a guy's daughter be kidnapped anyway?

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