16 Directors That Cameod In Their Own Movies

Thankfully, most directors don’t go full “Quentin Tarantino” when it comes to cameo appearances in their own movies. We can’t even imagine what it would look like if every director decided to give themselves big roles despite the fact they can’t act. 

Here are 16 directors that could teach Tarantino a thing or two on how to make a proper cameo:


ZACK SNYDER IS IN ZACK SNYDER'S JUSTICE LEAGUE. umi'ia Mn OPEN ORACKED COM The director can be spotted inside the coffee shop Lois Lane is exiting. The location is the actual coffee shop Snyder frequented while storyboarding the film.



MARTIN SCORSESE GETS A RIDE FROM TRAVIS IN TAXI DRIVER. CRACKEDcO Scorsese plays the disturbed passenger who plans on killing his wife with a .44 Magnum - the same weapon Travis buys later in the movie.



WES CRAVEN MAKES A TONGUE-IN-CHEEK APPEARANCE IN SCREAM. CRACKED cO COM Craven appears as a highschool janitor dressed like Freddy Kruger - the villain of his other horror classic, A Nightmare on Elm Street.



TODD PHILLIPS ATTENDS AN ORGY IN OLD SCHOOL. CRACKEDG COM The future Academy Award-nominated director appears as the guy looking for a gangbang at the beginning of his breakout movie.



TAIKA WAITITI PLAYED KORG IN THOR: RAGNOROK. lCRACKEDCOM The director provided the voice and mocap for everyone's favorite rock creature. He based his performance on New Zealand's super nice Polynesian bouncers.



RIAN JOHNSON'S HAND IS IN THE LAST JEDL. CRACKEDcO COM The gloved hand grabbing Han Solo's dice at the end of the movie doesn't actually belong to Mark Hamill. it's the hand of the director, Rian Johnson.

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STEPHEN KING GETS INSULTED BY AN ATM IN MAXIMUM OVERDRIVE. LAIV 1l lCRACKED cO King cameos at the beginning of the film as the guy that gets called an as*hole by an inanimate ATM machine.



MICHAEL BAY PLAYED A SCIENTIST IN ARMAGGEDON. lCRACKEDcO GOM Bay makes an appearance as a background NASA scientist that's helping Bruce Willis destroy a meteor.



PETER JACKSON CAMEOS IN ALL OF THE LORD OF THE RINGS MOVIES. CRACKED  COM Jackson appeared as a villager in The Fellowship of the Ring, a Rohirrim Warior in The TWo Towers, and a Corsair killed by Legolas in Retum of the King.



J.J. ABRAMS VOICED D-O IN THE RISE OF SKYWALKER. lCRACKEDGO COM According to writer Chris Terrio, Abrams only intended to use his own voice as a placeholder. Terrio loved how well Abrams's voice fit the character so he convinced him not to change it.

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JOE RUSSO IS IN SEVERAL OF HIS MCU MOVIES. Russo played a doctor in The Winter Soldier, a corpse in Civil War, and one of the survivors attending Captain America's meeting group in Endgame.



GEORGE LUCAS MAKES A BRIEF CAMEO IN REVENGE OF THE SITH. lCRACKEDGOR The director made his first Star Wars cameo in the last Star Wars movie he directed. Lucas blue himself' to portray Baron Papanoida - a blue-skinned politician attending the opera.

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FRANCIS FORD-COPPOLA PLAYED A DIRECTOR IN APOCALYPSE NOW CRACKED GOM Coppola appears as a TV news director yelling at Willard to not look at the camera as he's moving through a war-torn coastal village.



CLINT EASTWOOD'S OLD TV SHOW PLAYS IN JERSEY BOYS. lCRACKEDGOR COM The director's younger self can be seen in the movie while an episode of Rawhide plays on TV. That was my way of having a Hitchcock moment without actually having to do anything, said Eastwood.

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DAVID F. SANDBERGI MADE SEVERAL SHAZAM! CAMEOS. aaliidl liitin hiitg CRACKEDO COM Sandberg provided the mocap for the three Crocodile Men Billy and his friends encounter in the Rock of Eternity. He also voiced the boyfriend of Billy's mother and the telepathic alien worm Mister Mind.

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EDGAR WRIGHT MAKES A BLURRY APPEARANCE IN HOT FUZZ. CRACKED COM Wright can briefly be seen pushing a ladder in front of Sergeant Angel. He chose to cameo as a shelf-stacker because that was his actual job when he was younger.

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