11 Are-You-Kidding-Me Revelations From Celebrity Tell-Alls

Scandal rags and celebrity gossip sites love to spill the tea, but sometimes the celebrities are the ones doing the dishing. Here are 11 celebrities who shared the scandal in their own memoirs.


TORI SPELLING made a sex tape Tori and husband Dean McDermott had fun by filming an intimate moment. A friend snatched the clip from their computer and offered it to the highest bidder. A nasty letter from a lawyer has kept the video from showing up online.

Spelling It Like It Is


SHARON STONE was tricked into the V-shot CRACKED.COM Stone first saw Basic Instinct in a room full of strangers. That was how I saw my vagina-shot for the first time, long after I'd been told, We can't see anything.' I went to the projection booth, slapped Paul EVerhoeven] across the

The Beauty of Living Twice


BARBARAWALTERS had an affair with a married senator Walters was cohost of the Today Show when she began an affair with Massachusetts Sen. Edward Brooke. The senator told Walters she was the oldest woman he had ever been with. They called it quits when Brooke's wife threatened to go



MIKE TYSON almost beat down Brad Pitt After his divorce from Robin Givens, Tyson stopped by her house. She was in a car with a guy with flowing blonde hair. Pitt begged, Dude, don't strike me, don't strike me! We were just going over some lines. Tyson relented and

Undisputed Truth


MORRISSEY was invited to mope on Friends CRACKED.COM Moz would have shown up at Central Perk to sing along with Phoebe in a really depressing voice. The ex-Smiths frontman took a hard pass, waving goodbye to Hollywood yet again.



MINDY KALING calls B.J. Novak her ex-husband CRACKED CON Except that they were never married. She goes on to describe the relationship as having a son who is away at boarding school, so our fighting can never get that bad because it would upset our [fakel child. I don't think Facebook

Why Not Me?


DEMI MOORE fulfilled Ashton's threesome fantasy GRACKEDCOM Moore says Kutcher wasn't pushing the matter but she wanted to show how great and fun [she] could be. After the marriage failed, Moore decided the three-ways were not the greatest idea.

Inside Out


DEBBIE HARRY hitchhiked with Ted Bundy CRACKED.COM In the late 70s, Harry bummed a ride from a handsome stranger. Inside the car, she got a weird vibe and opened the door, getting thrown from the vehicle when the driver took a hard turn. She later realized the driver was the

Face It


AMY SCHUMER got busy with exactly 28 guys But she never hooked up with a dude after a show. Partners include several professional athletes, including a lacrosse player, an NFL player, an NHL player with the biggest gigglestick ever, and a pro wrestler she met on Twitter. As one

The Girl with the Lower Back Tattoo