Easter Eggstra: 16 Easter Eggs and Hidden Meanings In Bong Joon-ho's 'Parasite'

The great Wikipedia defines an Easter egg in media as a hidden message, feature, or image that creators sneak into their work in the hope that some fan, somewhere, will joyfully spot it and explode into a thousand suns. Okay, we made that second part up because it's accurate and we can do whatever the hell we want. Anyway, award-winning director Bong Joon-ho loves a good Easter egg as much as the next guy, so here's a list of all the hidden meanings and homages in his 2019 film, Parasite.


EASTER EGGSTRA Parasite The many staircases and their use during significant moments in the film were inspired by the Bates house in Psycho. Bong is a huge Alfred Hitchcock fan, and he also snuck in some of the filmmaker's movies into the Park family's movie collection.

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EASTER EGGSTRA Parasite There's a song reference to a 1964 movie. When the Kims take over the Parks' house while they're away, the song In ginocchio da te by Gianni Morandi plays. Morandi originally sang this song in the film with the same name, where he played a poor soldier

“Parasite” soundtrack, IMDb


EASTER EGGSTRA Parasite Vertical lines are scattered throughout the movie, showing class divide. More so, whenever there's a distinct or subtle line in the compositio, it usually accompanies a moment in the story when a character' crosses the line -a major motif in the film.

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EASTER EGGSTRA Parasite There might be a Snowpiercer Easter egg in the movie. When Kim Ki-woo first arrives at the Park house to be the family's new tutor, the housekeeper tells him that the house was built by famed Korean architect Namgoong. It's a fictional character, but a character who

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EASTER EGGSTRA Parasite The Jessica jingle Ki-jung sings to remember her fake impersonator story has a bit more to it. The melody she sings it to is from a famous Korean song, Dokdo is Our Land. Dokdo is made up of two islands surrounded by some 89 rocks and is

JSTOR, The Korea Herald


EASTER EGGSTRA Parasite Bong Joon-ho said that his movie is a homage to the South Korean 1960 film, The Housemaid. The Housemaid is about a well-off family who hires a housemaid- a character who infiltrates their lives and causes major disruptions.



EASTER EGGSTRA Parasite The rectangular windows of both houses have a greater significance. FDE For the Kims, it shows their lack of privacy, and for the Parks the opposite. The Parks also do not have a TV in their living room, because Bong said he wanted the big window looking out

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EASTER EGGSTRA Parasite The use of cowboys and Indians added a Western layer to the film. Bong says that while Native Americans have a deep history, the Parks simply treat it as a boy's hobby. The boy's mother] mentions the tent as a U.S. imported good, and I think it's



EASTER EGGSTRA Parasite The fake diploma is a homage to Bong Joon-ho's alma mater. 6 ONIERITY AO BE When Kim Ki-jung creates a fake diploma for her brother Kim Ki-woo, she uses the template of South Korea's Yonsei University, the same place Bong got his degree in Sociology in the

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EASTER EGGSTRA Parasite The hidden meaning of the peaches. When I was in college... one of my friends said he was severely allergic to peaches. I thought he was kidding. And then some other kid went to a nearby grocery store and tossed it at him as a joke. Even



EASTER EGGSTRA Parasite A continuity error was left in, deliberately. During the scene where the Kims are hanging out in the Parks house, Ki-jung is eating jerky and holding the packet in her left hand. When the doorbell rings, a wide shot shows Ki-jung holding the packet in her right



EASTER EGGSTRA Parasite There's a subtle hidden meaning in the bus that passes behind Ki-woo when he's having a drink with his friend Min-hyuk. JIE In the scene, Min-hyuk offers Ki-woo an opportunity to tutor one of his students. As Ki-Woo considers this, a bus rushes by behind him, signaling



EASTER EGGSTRA Parasite The artwork in the living room of the Parks home has a significant meaning. Named 'Maya,' the piece has a rocky texture, and it represents what happens when you throw a rock into a quiet pond and watch the waves get bigger.

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EASTER EGGSTRA Parasite The Criterion Collection edition of the movie's video release features an Easter egg hidden in plain sight. PARASITE The image has 18 portholes or windows that reveal the original poster of the Kims and the Parks underneath. Those portholes are actually dots and dashes of Morse code



EASTER EGGSTRA Parasite Bong Joon-ho said that there's more to the semi-basement homes than just an authentic Korean element. There's a more specific meaning behind it, because the semi-basement is basically of the middle of high and low. There's this fear that you can fall even further below but you



EASTER EGGSTRA Parasite The credits song answers whether Kim Ki-woo could make enough money to buy the Parks house. Bong wrote the lyrics, and Choi Woo-shik (who plays Ki-WOO) sings it. The song is about how Ki-Woo spent his days trying to earn money to purchase that house. It would